The Yankees are Back

Posted on June 4, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

In the blink of an eye, the Yankees went from underachievers to world-beaters. They have the best record in the American League, and 2nd best in the entire league behind the Dodgers. What happened? Pitching. In April, the team ERA was 5.79. The team ERA was still 5.78 a few weeks into May, until they began a 10 game winning streak and the pitching finally improved. Today, the team ERA is 4.88 and around 3.00 in the last week. The new ace, C.C. Sabathia, went 4-1 in May with a 2.56 ERA.

Really, though, none of this will mean anything if they play poorly in the next couple of weeks. They have a 4 game series at home against the Rays and a 3 game series against the Red Sox in Boston. So far this year, they are 0-5 against the Red Sox. They are playing much better than in April, so they will probably win at least one. Then, they have the much anticipated (at least it was 10 years ago) and sure to be overhyped Subway Series against their cross-town “rival”, the Mets. This year, it looks like the Mets are capitulating to the Phillies in June as opposed to September. It’s probably smart, and will make losing easier to deal with.

The Yankees might just run away with the division, although Boston should not be counted out. It does not bother me like it used to. Part of it is that they actually missed the playoffs last year and the playoffs were not the same with the Yankees. It was probably good for a year, but baseball needs the excitement of having the heavily favored Yankees get beat by a young upstart team (Angels, Tigers, Indians, Marlins). Admittedly, watching the Yankees be eliminated at Yankee Stadium has been watered down a bit because it has happened so often, but it is still always exciting.

It looks like they will be back in the playoffs again this year, as long as their pitching can be halfway decent. As much as I would like to see the Blue Jays chase them down on the last day of the season, I doubt it will happen. My dream scenario for the first round: The Rangers avenge their 3 defeats in the 90’s and beat the Yankees in 5. In fact, the best World Series matchups would involve the Yankees too: Dodgers-Yankees, Cubs-Yankees, Brewers-Yankees, Cardinals-Yankees. Of course, these would have to go at least 6 games, which has not happened since 2003! I am embracing the Yankees winning ways for now even though I am not a fan, because I know it will set up some great October entertainment.


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